High Performance Polymers

for 3D Printing

Until now additive manufacturing was done with low temperature, soft plastics which didn´t meet up to Industry standards and high demands.

That has changed. 3Dinx offers High Performance Polymers as Filament, fit for 3D Printing. Plus the appropriate Printer. The range of products possible has become larger. All the benefits of 3D Printing are available now.



Engineering   -    Medical


3Dinx offers a range of Filaments fit for High Temperature 3D Printing. Together with our partners we develop and produce this filament.

PEEK Printer: 3D Printing High Temperature

Indmatec is so far the only company worldwide which has managed to process PEEK in FFF 3D-printing process professionally. So that you can benefit from our know-how and years of experience of our staff, we now offer a customized solution for FFF 3D printing with PEEK.

Our Service


3Dinx offers all the products and services concerning 3D Printing of High Performance Polymers. That means  offering filaments and printers and a printservice for your prototypes, models and samples. Also consulting and training.