High Performance  Filaments

Technical Filaments

PEEK Filament (Victrex®)

Print Temperature up to 380° C

200 g or 500 g per spool

ø 1,75 mm or 2,85 mm

Color : Natural



Pei Ultem

Print Temperature 350° - 360° C

200 g or 1000 g per spool

ø 1,75 mm

Color: Black


Print Temperature 170° - 210° C

200 g or1000 g per spool

ø 1,75 mm

Color: White


Print Temperature 210° - 215° C

200 g  per spool

ø 1,75 mm

Color: White


PEEK MedTec (Victrex®)


Print Temperatur 360° - 380° C

200 g  or500 g per spool

ø 1,75 mm

Color: Natural


is produced by the EN ISO-10204-3.1

is examined by EN ISO-10993-5/-4/-18

conforms to EN ISO-13485


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The Indmatec PEEK PRINTER offered by 3Dinx is a FFF 3D printer capable of printing high temperature polymeric materials (1.75 mm) – and specifically conditioned for printing PEEK. We modify the hardware of a default printer to meet the high mechanical and technical properties of PEEK. Additionally you will receive software that allows you to print PEEK in a one-click-process.


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