PEEK MedTec Filament (Victrex©) 1,75 mm

PEEK MedTec Medical Class IIa Filament
PEEK Filament

Our PEEK MedTec Filament is certified

This product:


• is produced by the EN ISO-10204-3.1

• is examined by EN ISO-10993-5/-4/-18

• conforms to EN ISO-13485






To print this PEEK material your FDM©/FFF 3D printer should be able to operate at up to 380 deg. C.


This filament is a semi-finished product. It is suitable for applications involving short-time contact with blood or tissue up to 24 hours.




This PEEK Filament is NOT edible and NOT for implant purposes.


The application of this PEEK filament for production of parts in any safety critical process MUST be in accordance with laws/rules/guidelines/acts which govern practice.


Neither 3Dinx nor any of its associates involved at any stage of the production of this PEEK filament material is liable for harm, damage or litigation sensitive events related to the use of this PEEK filament.

Properties of the PEEK MedTec Filament


High temperature resistance: melts at 343°C

High mechanical rigidity

High abrasion resistance

High chemical resistance: resistant to many acids and bases (pH 1 – pH 13,5)


Density: 1.3 g/cm³

Water and steam resistance

Applications of PEEK MedTec


PEEK is a valuable biomaterial and has been used extensively in medical applications. It has excellent properties with the combination of strength, purity and chemical resistance. Due to its relatively high stable chemical structure, PEEK is the only bio-compatible thermoplastic material capable of withstanding high doses of ionizing-radiation, chemical as well as mechanical stresses during sterilization and chemical cleaning.


PEEK is already used for the production of many complex components within medical devices such as:

• Spinal devices

• Kidney dialysis machine components

• Analytical equipment components

• Anesthesia equipment components

• Hearing aid components

• Dental implants

• Heart valves

• Elbow implants

• Spinal implants

• Artificial hips

• Finger implants

• Knee joints

• Bone screws and pins

• Spinal fusion devices

• Reinforcing rods