Indmatec PEEK Printer

3D Printing High Temperature Filaments


Indmatec is so far the only company worldwide which has managed to process PEEK in FFF 3D-printing process professionally. So that you can benefit from our know-how and years of experience of our staff, we now offer a customized solution for FFF 3D printing with PEEK.


The Indmatec PEEK PRINTER is a FFF 3D printer capable of printing high temperature polymeric materials (1.75 mm) – and specifically conditioned for printing PEEK. We modify the hardware of a default printer to meet the high mechanical and technical properties of PEEK. Additionally you will receive software that allows you to print PEEK in a one-click-process.


Have a look at how our Peek Printer is used by the ESA (European Space Agency)

Advantages of FFF 3D printing process for PEEK over other manufacturing processes:


3D printing is, compared to the other manufacturing methods such as injection molding or CNC milling, an additive method. This means that the object is built up layer by layer, while in the subtractive manufacturing method the object is machined from a block of material with resultant waste materials.


Indmatec offers the best 3D printed PEEK parts.




The user-friendly one-click method makes an intensive study of the machine (3D printer), which is necessary in other manufacturing processes, redundant. You benefit from our expertise, assume our settings directly and print – without complications!


Material savings:


Subtractive manufacturing processes produce much waste. Additive manufacturing processes such FFF 3D printing produce no production based material waste. It is therefore a cost efficient manufacturing process, saving costs for businesses.


Purchase cost:


The purchasing cost of an FFF 3D printer is far below those of comparable production techniques.


Short preparation time:


One of the great advantages of the FFF 3D printing is the low start-up time prior to production: After a short commissioning time the machine is ready to produce parts.


Low setup costs:


FFF 3D printers are low maintenance, quick to repair and easy to clean.

Description of our High Temperature 3d Printer


  • Completely closed build-chamber with parts made from non-reactive metals, warranting a well defined temperature profile during the entire printing process
  • The HotEnd and nozzle have been specially developed for PEEK printing allowing for temperatures up to 420° Celsius
  • Special heat-bed for optimum adhesion of the PEEK material
  • Special software for PEEK: One-Click-Procedure PEEK printing.
  • Print volume: 145mm x 135mm x 148mm
  • 65 adjustable parameters